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Remorse Realm

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  • Version: 3.3.5
  • Realm Type: PvPvE
  • Rate: Level 255

Other Info

  • Teleporter: Yes
  • Mall: Yes
  • Instant Flight: Yes
  • Starter Gear: Yes
  • GM Commands: .account .commands .dismount .help .instance unbind .save .server motd .start

Other Rates

  • Skill.Discovery: 1x
  • Drop.Item.Poor: 1x
  • Drop.Item.Normal: 1x
  • Drop.Item.Uncommon: 1x
  • Drop.Item.Rare: 1x
  • Drop.Item.Epic: 1x
  • Drop.Item.Legendary: 1x
  • Drop.Item.ReferencedAmount: 1x
  • Drop.Money: 40x
  • XP.Kill: 180x
  • XP.Quest: 150x
  • XP.Explore: 25x
  • RepairCost: 1x
  • Honor: 2x
  • Reputation.Gain: 25x
  • Reputation.LowLevel.Kill: 10x
  • Reputation.LowLevel.Quest: 10x
  • InstanceResetTime: 0.5x
  • SkillGain.Crafting: 10x
  • SkillGain.Defense: 10x
  • SkillGain.Gathering: 10x
  • SkillGain.Weapon: 10x
  • SkillChance.Orange: 100x
  • SkillChance.Yellow: 75x
  • SkillChance.Green: 25x
  • SkillChance.Grey: 0x

Other Settings

  • DurabilityLoss.InPvP: No
  • DurabilityLoss.OnDeath: No
  • Death.SicknessLevel: 11
  • Death.CorpseReclaimDelay.PvP: Yes
  • Death.CorpseReclaimDelay.PvE: No
  • Battleground.Deserter: Yes
What do these values mean?

Remorse is a custom realm with a a maximum level of 255. Enough talent points are provided to specialize in all three talent trees. Some features of the realm include world PVP, battlegrounds/arenas, and custom-made instances, quest chains, items and weapons. All types of PVP are acceptable and encouraged except in the two starting zones, where the anti-PVP guards are located.


Introduction to Remorse

All classes except the Death Knight start off in their own faction-based leveling road. Players proceed to grind the many monsters and NPCs in the leveling road and quest their way to 255.

There are many leveling options such as faction-based roads, instances, and the PVP-enabled "Insanity road".


  • Power-leveling: After a player has enough money, usually after being experienced on one character, the player may request another player to power-level them. Power-leveling styles can vary but getting run through "The Oculus" (Instance > Farmable & Soloable > The Oculus) tends to be a fast leveling experience. Prices vary. Most people prefer Rogues, Druids, and Hunters to power-level them because of their strong AoE spells (Fan of Knives, Volley, etc). Druids can also use their Thorns buff which will do massive damage when a target attacks you. Paladins can also be good at power-leveling and is a good class to start off with.
  • Faction Leveling Road: Faction-specific, un-instanced leveling road. Contains many mobs that go up in level as you go down the road. It is separated into two parts, 1-85 leveling road, and 85-255 leveling road.
  • Leveling Instances: Instanced area with leveling mobs that re-spawn; because this option is an instance, there is no competition between players for kills. May have less mobs than normal leveling roads, and may be smaller. Also removes the unlikely risk of being killed by opposite faction players in Leveling Roads.

To help with the leveling process, the following macro can be used to train all skills. Click once to enable and again to disable.

/run LoadAddOn"Blizzard_TrainerUI"
f=ClassTrainerTrainButton f.e = 0 if
f:GetScript"OnUpdate" then f:SetScript("OnUpdate", nil)
else f:SetScript("OnUpdate", function(f,e) f.e=f.e+e
if f.e>.01 then f.e=0 f:Click() end end)end


There is an updated Wiki page for leveling and gearing here.


You can reset your instances easily. Simply type in .i u all into chat in-game and all of your instances will be reset.

If this doesn't work out for you, try simply going to your character icon at the top-left corner of the screen and right clicking, then clicking "Reset All Instances". If it's a 5-man instance, you change to heroic and back to normal, or if it's a raid change it from 25-man back to 10-man.

Raid Instances

(Instances that reward PvPvE gear for boss fights) These start once you hit the maximum level of 255. You can start a party for Nexus for the main item set that you will have until you quest for the higher tier item sets.

  • The Nexus

This instance is a 5 player dungeon and is where you acquire your first set of level 255 gear. This instance consists of 5 bosses and has a multitude of quests for your new weapon of choice. The Nexus bosses also drop emblems required for quests to upgrade your gear later down the road, which is why the instance is often swamped with higher geared players.

  • Icecrown Citadel (ICC) (Currently closed)

(Make sure you pick up the item set quest for higher tier quest gear!) ICC is the first raid many players will encounter and provides the second set of "offset"(Boots, Wrists, Belts, Tabards, Cloaks) gear as well as new weapons.

  • Shattered Halls (SH) (Currently closed)
*Requires A key dropped in VOA, a rogue with lockpicking,to be a ghost, or 
blacksmithing with at least a 375 skill level to make keys

SH is a 5 man instance and once again is the next step in your progression to greatness. The monsters in this instance deal a fairly large amount of damage and there are a MULTITUDE of them so "Corpse Running" will be your best friend. Along with being required for higher sets of gear this instance provides nice offset gear.

  • Black Temple (BT)

(There are also higher tier gear quests for BT) Black temple is the second last raid of the gear progression areas. This raid is jam packed full of bosses and trash mobs, and undergoes frequent tuning and maintenance by the staff. BT has several items which surpass even vote items so running this place a few times to get that extra oomph is most certainly a good idea. The final boss, Illidan Stormrage, drops some of the best weapons you can obtain compared to Donor/Vote weapons. The many bosses available in Black Temple drop offset such as tabards, rings, and many more offset items.

Known Tactics: When fighting Supremus, a large fiery Golem boss, try not to bunch up(if you are 5m and below) because he can use his Rain Fire and Summon Volcanoes spells which tend to kill most weaker players within a small time frame.

When fighting Akama, there is no real worries for a player of 5m health or above, but he does throw a player into the air every few seconds and you can take damage, etc... So try to DPS her down quickly! (Akama can be stunned by all means of stunning someone!)

Council consists of 4 bosses at once, it is best to kite them so your tank isn't taking to much damage which would quickly cause him/her to die and the rest getting mobbed and killed quickly. All council members have more HP than Illidan so bring a priest if possible. The health of all four bosses are linked together, so if you focus on one of the Council members and bring its health down, then the other 3 bosses will go down in health at the same time.

Illidan Stormrage can now summon creeps which tend to overwhelm smaller raid groups. It is highly advised that clearing creeps should be done prior to fighting Illidan because too many creeps can destroy a weaker raid group/player easily! (have a Warrior and a Death Knight that are moderately geared to kill the mob he summons and have the rest of the party kill Illidan.)

  • Frozen Halls

Frozen halls is currently the final stage for the gear progression areas which awards you with Glacial Ice mainset from the quests and offset from the bosses. Before you can start the questline to obtain the mainset you'll need to finish every questline up to Stormrage 3.

In this raid it's required to have a good group which consists of

  • One Healer
  • One Tank
  • 3 DPSers

Known tactics for the various bosses

  • Forge of Souls

Bronjahm Interrupt Soulstorm when casted. Interrupt fear, if missed make sure someone cleanse the fears.

Devourer of Souls Interrupt Phantom Bast. It causes major damage. Do not attack boss when Mirror Soul is active. All damage caused on boss will be transferred over to your targeted party member. When unleashed soul isn't active, run away from the ghouls thats spawning. Avoid Wailing Souls. It will either kill you or take you down to really low amount of health. Avoid Well of Souls. There will spawn purple circles on the ground which takes a lot of damage.

  • Pit of Saron

Garfrost Kill the monsters around him. [b]Permafrost[/b] if you have the debuff on you, just hump around the Saronite he throws on the floor and it will be gone.

Ick Poison Nova is AoE spell, which causes approximately 10m damage on everyone standing beside him. When you see him casting it, ensure that you're in a far distance from him. Explosive Barrage is mines he lays on the ground. Try to avoid them.

Sourgelord Tyrannus Overlord's band. If you're getting targeted stop doing damage or healing. Damage will be transferred to the tank, and if you're healer your heals will transfer to him instead.

Mark of Rimefang If you're targeted make sure you stay away from your group, it causes AoE deepfreeze around you.

Unholy Power: Is increasing his damage by 100% but decreases his own speed by 50%. Off healers may have to aid through this.

  • Vault of Archavon (VOA)

VoA is currently the final raid for PvE gear. The Vault of Archavon will drop Honor mainsets as well as tokens for the PvE set. The PvE set consists of mainset and offsets. VoA now has a prerequisite quest gained from finishing the Frozen Halls questline. The Frozen Halls questline's requirements were halved to promote quicker progression through the questline. Players that donate for the Demonic mainset will be able to talk to a npc and will be given the VoA prereq quest

  • Master Po

Master Po is the final boss you encounter. He drops the mighty Panda weapons, which are the best weapons you can obtain. He is one of the hardest bosses to fight but is the only monster you encounter when you enter his domain. Master Po has a very low drop rate of 2%. You may encounter him and get no loot at all, this is not a bug. Most players will ask for players to be in at least Storm Rage 3 gear or higher (Donor gear). Master Po only drops two items. The Panda Sword, and the Panda Staff.

Leveling Instances

Are instances that are safe from PvP and camping. They range from 1 - 255 (Separated by level)

  • Ragefire Chasm (1 - 100)
  • Shadowfang (100-150)
  • Zul'Farrak (150-255)

The listed instances are purely for leveling; no gear is dropped. There are gear vendors within the instance that sell leveling gear up to the level of 200. At the end of Zul'Farrak, there will be a Nexus quest giver situated there ready for you when you reach level 255.

There's one leveling instance that award gear that is helpful for leveling. They can be completed solo or with a party. That is the following instace;

  • Onyxia (Non-25man Level 200)

Awards weapons and tabards. *and bags*

Grinding Instances

Are instances that are mainly used for quests. Mobs may drop items needed for quests.
  • The Oculus

You can farm gold here, which is required for Emblem Of The Black Demon. Can be cleared in roughly 5mins with gold conversions in mind.

  • Stockades (SOLO) (for brutal gear +)
  • Deadmines (SOLO) (for brutal gear +)

World Bosses

  • Master Po - 1974 Million HP
  • Hogger, King of the Wretched - 2030 Million HP
  • Thorim, God of Valhalla - 991 Million HP
All bosses drop an assortment of items and gear. Mostly quest items such as Remorse Gold, Demonic Candles, Remorse Spheres, Remorse Power, and Hyper Gems.

The Vote Store


Voting! Always a key part of gearing your toons to the best of your ability! Not only does voting help our server increase its reputation worldwide, but it also helps you in return! You are able to vote every 12 hours and can earn up to 20 vote points a day!

Donations can also be made to attain vote points at the cost of $US 1= 100 Vote Points.

Through voting you can obtain Gear which includes Jewelry, Offsets, and Weapons! It is advised to vote for the Eternal Cloak of Defiance at the primary stage of building your character as it helps heaps leveling since it is equip-able even at level 1!

Apart from that the vote store also has monthly "special items" such as rare mounts! So don't forget to vote even if you have all the vote gear you need, keep voting! You never know, a rare item might just be revealed at anytime!

PVP (Player vs. Player)

World PVP

Remorse is a PVP realm, meaning you can attack players anywhere, except behind guards in the starting zones. In world PVP you are awarded honor, but NO mini upgrade tokens. The only way to get them is to do battleground PVP.


This is one of the easiest ways to rack up honor very fast, and the only way to get mini upgrade tokens. Although any level 255 can join, mostly heavily geared players and donors do these. You can also gain reputation from the battlegrounds if you are working towards your PVP achievements. The three working battlegrounds are Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin, and Eye of the Storm.(Going into bgs with less than 4 million hp is really not advised, every single player with decent gear out there will walk over you so fast that you wont be helping the team win.)

  • Warsong Gulch
A capture the flag game. Run to your opponents base, take their flag, and bring it back to yours. :But be careful not to let them take yours!
  • Arathi Basin
A capture and hold the base type battleground. The object is to attack the base, and the longer :you hold it the more points your team gets.
  • Eye of the Storm
Is a combination of both capture the flag and capture the base. Here your team works to control 4 :different bases, while also capturing a flag for bonus points.

(Keep in mind that if you are farming honor and tokens, the best way of doing this is to kill people the battleground objectives give you nothing custom.)

Talking On Remorse

There are many different ways of communicating with players on the Remorse Realm

  • Looking For Group (LFG) This chat everyone can see on the realm if you type /join LookingForGroup. In this chat you can find other players to do raids or instances with.
  • World World chat is currently the main global channel of Remorse. To join it, type /join world. This channel can be used for various topics, such as asking for help. We encourage players to use the world channel for this type of chat, rather than Looking For Group.
  • Some Lingo:
LFG - Looking for group
LFM - Looking for more or Looking for members
WTS - Want to sell
WTB - Want to buy
WTT - Want to trade
SM - Scarlet Monastery
BT - Black Temple
SR - Stormrage armor
SRII or SR2 - Stormrage II armor
SRIII or SR3 - Stormrage III armor
Sup armor - Supremus armor
Panda - this is a weapon dropped by Master Po, it is only rivaled by Thunderfury, the best one-hander in the game (TF for short). It only has a 2% drop chance, so if you want it, you have to kill Master Po lots of times to get one!
CC - Chamber of Command, a location in Black Temple where Council is located.

Event Quests

  • Some of the Event Quests are currently disabled, however they will be re-enabled in 4.0*

These quests can be done EVERY DAY so stack up those event reward coins and take them to the Event Reward Vendor

  • Stairs Of Heaven Climb some stairs. Climb the stairs, Jump the gaps and try not to die. It is a TALL structure, So be prepared and have fun.
Quest Objectives: Get to the top!
Quest Rewards: 396 Honor, 15 Event Reward Coins
  • Stairs of Eternity Complete the obstacle course. Run, Jump, Swim! This quest involves a challenging obstacle course with a slight resemblance to the Stairs Of Heaven. Alas with a higher difficulty comes better rewards.
Quest Objectives: Get to the "middle"!
Quest Rewards: 396 Honor, 25 Event Reward Coins
  • Stairs of Blood Climb some stairs. Climb Stairs, Jump the gaps and try not to die. This is a Very Large structure, This Is Also Like Stairs Of Heaven, But with a high reward due to its difficulty level.
Quest Objectives: Get to the top!
Quest Rewards: 396 Honor, 25 Event Reward Coins
  • Battle Up Sartheris Jump up the stairs, These stairs cannot be climbed normally. They must be jumped up on This structure is about the same size as Stairs of Blood, PVP is enabled here BE CAREFUL. This structure receives a MEDIUM difficulty.
Quest Objectives: Get to the top!
Quest Rewards: 396 Honor, 15 Event Reward Coins
  • Endless Stairs of the Loch Located in Loch Modan, These stairs are a Large structure comparable with the Stairs of Blood. Battle your way up and get your Reward.
Quest Objectives: Get to the top!
Quest Rewards: 396 Honor, 15 Event Reward Coins
  • Neverendless Stairs of Stonebull Located at Stonebull Lake, This Structure is about Twice the size of Endless Stairs of the Loch, Be prepared for a long but fun and aesthetically pleasing climb.
Quest Objectives: Get to the top!
Quest Rewards: 396 Honor, 15 Event Reward Coins
  • Easy Maze

This event is currently disabled! Custom made maze meant to confuse. Don't get lost! This quest entails finding your way through a fairly easy maze. The reward is proportionate.

Quest Objectives: Find your way!
Quest Rewards: 396 Honor, 15 Event Reward Coins
  • Bonzaiiii Skydive

This event is currently disabled! Plummet from the skys going in the rings and landing safely on the platform. Due to the easiness of the quest the reward is small.

Quest Objectives: Jump to earth and talk to Skydiver John.
Quest Rewards: 20 Gold, 396 Honor, 2 Event Reward Coins

  • Master Skydive

This event is currently disabled! Plummet from the skys going in the rings and landing safely on the platform. This one is a bit more difficult than Bonzaiiii Skydive. So you get a bit more in the reward category.

Quest Objectives: Dive and land on the correct spot!
Quest Rewards: 396 Honor, 5 Event Reward Coins

  • Gladiator

This event is currently disabled! Hunt down and kill the Taurus looking creatures. Worth more due to difficulty.

Quest Objectives: Kill 100 Mino Taurus and go back to the gladiator
Quest Rewards: 100 Gold, 396 Honor, 10 Event Reward Coins

  • The Race Begins![EASY]

This event is currently disabled! Stay in the course and try and finish before the time runs out using anything you can.

Quest Objectives: Complete the race before the time runs out!
Quest Rewards: 396 Honor, 5 Event Reward Coins

  • The Race Begins! The Child Addition

This event is currently disabled! Stay in the course and try and finish before the time runs out using anything you can.

Quest Objectives: Make it to the other side of the track, you may talk to the goblin again to get a Eternal Chopper.
Quest Rewards: 396 Honor, 10 Event Reward Coins

Remorse Patch 6.0

Remorse 6.0 went live on March 8, 2016. You can check out more information about it patch 6.0 here!

Remorse FFA Patch/Changelogs

The Remorse FFA Patch went live as on May 26, 2014! It's the new big thing! The FFA Patch consists of:

  • Free For All EVERYWHERE! You can kill your own faction.
  • Lots of new features
  • New VIP Weapons and Trinkets
  • And a new Area

For more information here go here

Remorse ALL Class/Race Patch


Follow the above link for instructions on how to get the Remorse Custom Patch.