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Retribution Paladin PVP Guide

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Retribution Paladin Guide By Tyreal of Soulbound-WoW PvP gear/talents/glyphs and how to's

For PvP I like to use more PvE based gear because Ret paladins have a BUNCH of survivability. They have a bubble, a 50% damage reduction spell, a physical immunity spell, Sacred Shield (which is bugged at the time of this guide), Art of war (I'll talk about it later), and burst that would make Mike Tyson jealous.

NOTE: All the gear used in this guide CAN be bought in the shops. No ICC loot or gear from arena are used. Also, be sure when buying your gear you get the Heroic version of the item. They may have similar names, but make sure it says Heroic in green on the item.


Helm - Furious Gladiator's Scaled Helm

Necklace - For the Horde The Executioner's Vice and for the Alliance The Executioner's Malice

Shoulders - Furious Gladiator's Scaled Shoulders

Back - Cloak of the Victorious Combatant

Chest - Conqueror's Aegis Battleplate

Wrist - Boneshatter Vambraces

Hands - Furious Gladiator's Scaled Gauntlets

Waist - Bloodbath Girdle

Legs - Furious Gladiator's Scaled Legguards

Feet - Greaves of the Saronite Citadel

Rings - Ring of the Violent Temperament and Band of the Violent Temperament

Trinkets - Death's Choice and Titan-Forged Rune of Cruelty

Weapon - Grievance

Libram - Libram of Discord

I use this gear because it caps out your hit rating (you only need 5% in PvP) and also gives you 30ish~ expertise, depends on what race you are. On top of that you still have a decent amount of HP, large amount of Attack Power/Crit rating. As for gems, I use Chaotic Skyflare Diamond (21 crit rating and 3% increased crit damage) as my meta, Bold Cardinal Ruby (20 strength) for all my red sockets, Inscribed Flawless Ametrine (10 strength and 10 crit) for all my yellow sockets, and Sovereign Dreadstone (10 strength and 15 stamina) for all my blue sockets. For any Prismatic sockets I use Bold Cardinal Ruby (20 strength) and for the Prismatic Gems I use Bold Dragon's Eye (34 strength).


Step-by-step why and why not talents Deflection vs. Benediction = I personally think the 5% parry is better to have because of Judgement of the Wise + Divine Plea you never go OOM anyway. Improved Blessing of Might = Blessing of Might is worse than Blessing of Kings in PvP. That's my opinion, you can use Might but I recommend BoK. Seal of Command = SoC is a cleave Seal, it's very good to use in PvE trash pulls, but in PvP it doesn't compare to Seal of Righteousness. (Explained later) Eye for an Eye = Great against any caster trying to keep you kited. Divine Purpose = It gives your Hand of Freedom a 100% chance to remove any stun and slowing effects currently on the target. PS: Hand of Freedom CAN be used while you are stunned. The Art of War = After critically hitting in melee your next Flash of Light or Exorcism are an instant cast. This talent is amazing because of the fact you can keep yourself alive if you get a very nice crit chain going. Repentance = Incapacitates the target for 6 seconds, but any damage done will knock them out of it. Great to use when you need to heal yourself, if you need to get closer to an annoying ranged opponent or to interrupt a heal being cast. Judgement of the Wise = Whenever your Judgement hits you instantly gain 25% of your total mana and 1% of your max mana every 5 seconds for 15 seconds. This talent makes it nearly impossible to go OOM, you're a fool to not get it. Swift Retribution = 3% haste is okay in a PvE raid, but in PvP there are much better talents to get. Stoicism = Reduces the duration of all stuns by 30% and increases the chance your spell resist dispelling by 30%. I know you have Hand of Freedom that can get rid of any stun on you, but what if you get stunned while it's on cooldown? This talent is always nice to have in PvP. Divine Sacrifice = This talent is most useful in arena, in case your partner starts getting low or focused you can pop this and reduce the damage they take. Also if you use this and then get blinded or polymorphed the damage taken will knock you out of it. Saves you a trinket. Seals of the Pure = Increases the damage of your Seal of Righteousness by 15%. Uh... yeah.

Glyphs Major Glyph #1 = Glyph of Seal of Righteousness (Seal of Righteousness does 10% more damage) Major Glyph #2 = Glyph of Judgement (Judgements do 10% more damage) Major Glyph #3 = Glyph of Exorcism (Exorcism does 20% more damage) Minor Glyph #1 = Glyph of Lay on Hands (Reduces cooldown of Lay on Hands by 5 minutes) Minor Glyph #2 = Glyph of the Wise (Reduces the mana cost of your Seal of Wisdom spell by 50%, in case you do go OOM, you can use this move) Minor Glyph #3 = Glyph of Blessing of Kings (Reduces the mana cost of your Blessing of Kings)

What I do in PvP In PvP I start off by using Judgement, either Judgement of Justice or Judgement of Light (Only use Justice if they are mounted, sprinting/dashing, trying to get away). After that I follow it up with a Crusader Strike -> Divine Storm. If you haven't crit in that time, you're unlucky (or they have waaaaay to much resilience). If you did crit, Exorcism them or Flash of Light if you're getting beat on pretty hard. And then just repeat that over and over. I mainly wait to Hammer of Justice them when they try to heal or pop their cooldowns. Same thing with Repentance, wait for them to either start healing or pop a cooldown to use it. Those two moves are situational and should be used based on whats happening. If I drop below 40% or so I may Repentance them and try to heal (depends on what their HP is at), hoping that in the time they got me to 40% they've used their trinket and cannot break out of it. Also; remember to use Cleanse. There are so many paladins that do not even know they have this move, it is a life saver against Frost Mages, any Warlock, a Shadow Priest, Hunters, and Rogues.

PvE gear/talents/glyphs and how to's


For your gear, I only change 4 pieces of gear between my PvE and my PvP set. So use the gear listed above, except for your Shoulders, Head, Legs, and PvP trinket. For those pieces, use:

Head - Conqueror's Aegis Helm

Shoulders - Conqueror's Aegis Shoulderplates

Legs - Conqueror's Aegis Legplates

Trinket - Dark Matter


Resized to 14% (was 730 x 674) - Click image to enlarge

Your talents change, but not by much because most of paladin's talents are useful in both PvP and PvE. And on top of that you end up having a lot of extra talents you can't really put anywhere.

Glyphs Now, the problem I have found with PvE and even some PvP, is that Seal of Corruption/Vengeance is supposed to stack up to 5 times on a single target, but for some reason whenever I Divine Storm or Crusader strike, it resets the stacks on the target. I don't know if it's a bug with just my character, a talent I have or just bugged on this server, but because of that it does not do as much damage as Seal of Righteousness. So, if yours works then I highly suggest using it.

Major Glyph #1 = Glyph of Seal of Righteousness / Glyph of Seal of Vengeance (if yours works ^ read the above) Major Glyph #2 = Glyph of Judgement Major Glyph #3 = Glyph of Consecration (Increases the duration and cooldown of your Consecration by 2 seconds) Minor Glyph #1 = Glyph of Sense Undead (While you have Sense Undead active you do 1% more damage to Undead targets) Minor Glyph #2 = Glyph of Blessing of Might/Kings (Bugged) Minor Glyph #3 = Glyph of Lay on Hands

What I do in PvE My rotation is: Judgement of Wisdom -> Consecration -> Divine Storm -> Crusader Strike -> Exorcism -> Judgement of Wisdom -> Crusader Strike -> Consecration. Thats the rotation I use, you can use it if you'd like or not. Modify it if you see fit, I do not PvE very much anymore so there is probably better.

Comments I know there is better gear available to the players if they raid or participate in arenas, but this is the gear you can buy and use from the shops as soon as you make your character. Sorry if you were confused by any part of this guide, this is my first time making one. Please leave any questions or comments and I will try to answer them. Thank you for reading the guide, or just skipping to this part if you're lazy. Inb4 "tl;dr"

NOTE: I Did not make this guide as i used this guide in the past and it helped me very well.