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Subtlety Rogue arena guide

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Ok you might wonder why I would spec differently depending on what race I played but you need to consider how much stealth detection/stealth levels you lose when playing elf/human Heightened Senses Stealth Detection Value: 6 Perception Value: 5 Elusiveness Value: 5

You should take 3/3 Initiative for 3's Garrote Gibs are not the same w/o it. You have to choose between imp evis or Ruthlessness depending on how many high / low Armour teams are on the server but I think imp eviscerates benefits is better than ruthlessness because you need to save important talents for Subtlety.

Best Classes for subtlety Rogue: Human you can put 2 DPS trinkets Undead WoTF if the best thing while you are playing against Spell Cleave

Talents: http://eternal.armory.eternal-wow.com/talent-calc.php?cid=4&tal=30220310000000000000000000030000000000000000000000000005320232020322120050135231251 (without hemorrhage)

http://eternal.armory.eternal-wow.com/talent-calc.php?cid=4&tal=30220310000000000000000000030000000000000000000000000005320232030322121050135211251 (with hemorrhage)

Glyphs major: Shadow Dance, Vigor, Sprint minor: Vanish, Distract, Sprint

Ideal weapons:

1.8 one-hand (Berserking) you will need wound poison on this weapon.

1.5 off-hand (Chain) [Sword/Fist/Mace/Axe] prefer wound again because instant poison has a low proc.

1.4 off-hand (chain) you will need this in your bag for swap, better to have crippling poison(peel) or Anesthetic(warrior's enrages)

Don't use Crippling Poison in (1.5 off-hand) because sub have Waylay talent use crippling only if you need to peel your partner.

why I don't use Instant Poison: Because proc chance is based on weapon speed

Instant Poison proc chances WITHOUT Improved Poisons:

1.3 Speed - 18.57% 1.4 Speed - 20.00% 1.5 Speed - 21.43% 1.6 Speed - 22.86% 1.7 Speed - 24.29% 1.8 Speed - 25.71% 2.6 Speed - 37.14% 2.8 Speed - 40.00%

Wound poison procs

Wound Poison proc chance based on weapon speed:

1.3 Speed - 46.43% 1.4 Speed - 50.00% 1.5 Speed - 53.57% 1.6 Speed - 57.14% 1.7 Speed - 60.71% 1.8 Speed - 64.29% 2.6 Speed - 92.86% 2.8 Speed - 100.00%

Subtlety over Assassination. pros +better cc +SHD is like stealth u can use sap +Shadowstep better mobility +Cheat Death gives you second chance +fast switches cons: -You can make heavy burst every 1 minute

Best setups for rogue

2v2 Rogue/Priest offensive play by the Priest is the key for win. Rogue/Mage heavy burst and a lot of cc. Rogue/Druid (restoration) melee DPS don't have chance without dispell. (this is best with Assassination)

3v3 only for subtlety rogues RMP (rogue/Mage/Priest) Probably they will go on you so stay cool don't panic just go defensive or pop some defensive CDs . It's good when you use your SHD as soon as possible because you want to put a lot pressure on enemy team and they must use their CDs to survive, all Defensive CDs have Cooldown around 2-3 min SHD have Cooldown 1min so you must looking for a kill in next minute. don't get cc while you Dancing because you loose a lot pressure.

Hardest Opponents:

Paladin/Warrior/Hunter (10/10) Just go on Hunter put cc on the Paladin Mage can control the warrior pretty much. Your priest must use Scream every time.

Lock/Shaman/Druid (8/10) just go on druid and try to kill him rogue must sap the Lock Mage sheep shaman. if you don't go on Druid Mage cant put sheep on him and they will be healed all the time and you will loose after the priest go out of mana this is 1 of the best Spell cleaves in 3.3.5 and 1 of the hardest opponent for RMP.

Rogue/Mage/Priest (5/10) try to kill enemy rogue put all your cc on the priest the team with better survival will win.


Focus step+kick

  1. showtooltip

/cast [target=focus] Shadowstep /cast [target=focus] Kick

Shadow Dance

  1. showtooltip

/cast Shadow Dance /cast Premeditation /cast Ambush you can write /cast Garrote instead Ambush

Focus gouge

  1. shwotooltip

/cast [target=focus, exists] Gouge

Focus kick

  1. showtooltip

/cast [target=focus, exists] Kick

Focus Dismantle

  1. shwotooltip

/cast [target=focus, exists] Dismantle

Focus Blind

  1. shwotooltip

/cast [target=focus, exists] Blind

Standard Macros:

  1. showtooltip

/cast Backstab /startattack

Vanish (more reliable with focus sap in it lol)

  1. showtooltip

/stopattack /cast Vanish /stopattack /cast [target=focus, exists] Sap

ToTT (tricks of The Trade) [A]

  1. showtooltip

/cast [target=namehere] Tricks of the Trade

[b]#showtooltip /cast [target=party1] Tricks of the Trade {does party 1 or 2 if the name don't exist so it works in 2v2 and 3v3}

Sap macro [A]

  1. show Sap

/cleartarget /targetenemyplayer /cast Sap {use this if u search another rogue}

[b]#showtooltip Sap /console targetNearestDistance 10,000000 /targetenemy [noharm][dead] /console targetNearestDistance 18,000000 /cast [harm,nodead] Sap {use this to sap current Target}

Weapons swaps /equipslot 16 0 15 (swaps your mainhand with bag slot 15 (2nd last spot in ur backpack) /equipslot 17 0 15 (swaps offhand with bag slot 15) /equipslot 16 0 16 (swaps offhand with bag slot 16)