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Teamspeak Guide

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Step by Step Tutorial: How to use Teamspeak 3


Part One - Download Teamspeak 3

Check your OS and find out if you are using 32 or 64 bit. For Windows users go to your Start Menu, right-click Computer, then left-click Properties. If you are not sure just download the 32-bit version
Then Download Teamspeak from here
You will see a screen similar to the one below. Simply click the Download button for Client not for Server. Noting that you can download Teamspeak for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS (iPhone/iPod/iPad), and Android.


You will be brought to the next page where you have to agree to the End User License Agreement to be able to download the client


You will then be able to download the client. (Depending on which browser and downloading program you are using and where you save it to, it might look different for you.)

Downloading TS.png

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Part Two - Install Teamspeak 3

Find where your installation client was saved to, (most likely your Download folder located here: C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\My Documents\Downloads), and then run the installer.

Once you have opened the installer you will be asked to agree to their Terms of service again. After you agree you will be asked the basic questions and if you're a new user, just install with all the recommended settings.







Once you have done all that you will see the client is installing the program to your computer.


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Part Three - Setup Teamspeak 3

Poof! It's done. Now it's time to setup your connections with Teamspeak. You will find Teamspeak as a shortcut on your desktop, open it. When you do you will be presented with this window:


Click 'Connections' and then click 'Connect'

A new window will pop up where you can fill in the details for our server :

*Server Address: ts.eternal-wow.com (We don't have password)
*Nickname: Whatever your nickname is


Then hit connect and you're in.

Optional : If you wish to save certain servers you can use the "Bookmark tool".
Hit the 'Bookmark' button at the top of Teamspeak, then press 'Add Bookmarks'to save the Teamspeak server you are on. Later on you can manage your Bookmarks and choose which server you want to log into.


Once you are in click on Settings (From Teamspeak Taskbar) > Options > Capture. Then make sure that "Push-To-Talk" is ticked and you have already chose a Hotkey that whenever you click on it, your mic will get activated and people will be able to hear you also make sure that your "Capture Device" is your Microphone. The following picture shows how your settings should be like.


You click Ok once you setup everything then if you need help you can join any of the Help rooms by double clicking on them or if you need to make your own channel to talk with some of your friends in private without getting distracted by anyone. You Right-Click on any channel then click on "Creat Channel" Name it and put your own password and enjoy. The Pictures will show you how to do it and how our Teamspeak looks like.
That's how our Teamspeak looks like.


That's what you should see when you click Right-Click and choose the "Create Channel Option"


And Finally! This is the channel window you should see. Type the channel name and the password you would like to have.


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Part Four - Eternal-WoW Teamspeak Rules

  • No racism or offensive language (or Teamspeak names) is to be used.
  • Respect each other and use the block and mute tools to your advantage if you are getting annoyed.
  • Respect any staff that tries to assist you.
  • Use the help rooms as intended, do not misuse them.
  • Do not spam/constantly channel hop.
  • No advertising anything, includes anything from name changing, chat messages etc...
  • Use the complaints system as intended.

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