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  • Version: {{{Version}}}
  • Realm Type: {{{PvEorPvP}}}
  • Rate: {{{Rate}}}

Other Info

  • Teleporter: {{{Teleporter}}}
  • Mall: {{{Mall}}}
  • Instant Flight: {{{InstantFlight}}}
  • Starter Gear: {{{StarterGear}}}
  • GM Commands: {{{GMcommands}}}

Other Rates

  • Skill.Discovery: {{{Skill.Discovery}}}x
  • Drop.Item.Poor: {{{Drop.Item.Poor}}}x
  • Drop.Item.Normal: {{{Drop.Item.Normal}}}x
  • Drop.Item.Uncommon: {{{Drop.Item.Uncommon}}}x
  • Drop.Item.Rare: {{{Drop.Item.Rare}}}x
  • Drop.Item.Epic: {{{Drop.Item.Epic}}}x
  • Drop.Item.Legendary: {{{Drop.Item.Legendary}}}x
  • Drop.Item.ReferencedAmount: {{{Drop.Item.ReferencedAmount}}}x
  • Drop.Money: {{{Drop.Money}}}x
  • XP.Kill: {{{XP.Kill}}}x
  • XP.Quest: {{{XP.Quest}}}x
  • XP.Explore: {{{XP.Explore}}}x
  • RepairCost: {{{RepairCost}}}x
  • Honor: {{{Honor}}}x
  • Reputation.Gain: {{{Reputation.Gain}}}x
  • Reputation.LowLevel.Kill: {{{Reputation.LowLevel.Kill}}}x
  • Reputation.LowLevel.Quest: {{{Reputation.LowLevel.Quest}}}x
  • InstanceResetTime: {{{InstanceResetTime}}}x
  • SkillGain.Crafting: {{{SkillGain.Crafting}}}x
  • SkillGain.Defense: {{{SkillGain.Defense}}}x
  • SkillGain.Gathering: {{{SkillGain.Gathering}}}x
  • SkillGain.Weapon: {{{SkillGain.Weapon}}}x
  • SkillChance.Orange: {{{SkillChance.Orange}}}x
  • SkillChance.Yellow: {{{SkillChance.Yellow}}}x
  • SkillChance.Green: {{{SkillChance.Green}}}x
  • SkillChance.Grey: {{{SkillChance.Grey}}}x

Other Settings

  • DurabilityLoss.InPvP: {{{DurabilityLoss.InPvP}}}
  • DurabilityLoss.OnDeath: {{{DurabilityLoss.OnDeath}}}
  • Death.SicknessLevel: {{{Death.SicknessLevel}}}
  • Death.CorpseReclaimDelay.PvP: {{{Death.CorpseReclaimDelay.PvP}}}
  • Death.CorpseReclaimDelay.PvE: {{{Death.CorpseReclaimDelay.PvE}}}
  • Battleground.Deserter: {{{Battleground.Deserter}}}
What do these values mean?


  • RealmName: The full name of the realm
  • ExpansionImage: [[File:Cata1.jpg|300px]] or [[File:LK2.jpg|300px]]
  • Version: 3.3.5 or 4.x
  • Realm Type: PvP or PvE
  • Rate: e.g. Instant 80, 10x, Instant 85, 2x, etc.
  • Teleporter: Does the realm have a teleporter?
  • Mall: Does the realm have a mall?
  • Instant Flight: Are flight paths instant at all Flight Masters?
  • Starter Gear: Is gear provided for new characters?
  • GM Commands: What GM Commands are available for use?
  • Skill.Discovery: Rate of Skill Discovery
  • Drop.Item.Poor: Rate of Poor loot drops
  • Drop.Item.Normal: Rate of Normal loot drops
  • Drop.Item.Uncommon: Rate of Uncommon loot drops
  • Drop.Item.Rare: Rate of Rare loot drops
  • Drop.Item.Epic: Rate of Epic loot drops
  • Drop.Item.Legendary: Rate of Legendary loot drops
  • Drop.Item.ReferencedAmount: Does a boss drop 2 purples, 3 purples, 4 purples, etc?
  • Drop.Money: Rate of money drops
  • XP.Kill: Rate of XP when killing an NPC
  • XP.Quest: Rate of XP when doing a quest
  • XP.Explore: Rate of XP when exploring an unknown area
  • RepairCost: Rate or repair costs
  • Honor: Rate of Honor Point gain
  • Reputation.Gain: Rate of reputation gain
  • Reputation.LowLevel.Kill: Rate of reputation gain when killing grey NPCs
  • Reputation.LowLevel.Quest: Rate of reputation when doing grey quests
  • InstanceResetTime: Instance reset rate
  • SkillGain.Crafting: Number of skillups given per successful craft
  • SkillGain.Defense: Number of Defense skillups when struck by an enemy
  • SkillGain.Gathering: Number of skillups with each single node
  • SkillGain.Weapon: Number of skillups with each strike of your wielded weapon
  • SkillChance.Orange: % chance to skill up when crafting an orange recipe
  • SkillChance.Yellow: % chance to skill up when crafting a yellow recipe
  • SkillChance.Green: % chance to skill up when crafting a green recipe
  • SkillChance.Grey: % chance to skill up when crafting a grey recipe
  • DurabilityLoss.InPvP: Lose durability while fighting other players?
  • DurabilityLoss.OnDeath: Lose durability on death?
  • Death.SicknessLevel: Characters lower than this number will not get Resurrection Sickness when reviving at a Spirit Healer
  • Death.CorpseReclaimDelay.PvP: Does the 30 sec respawn timer continue to increase for each subsequent death when killed by a player?
  • Death.CorpseReclaimDelay.PvE: Does the 30 sec respawn timer continue to increase for each subsequent death when killed by an NPC?
  • Battleground.Deserter: Does leaving a battleground give you the Deserter debuff?


When adding this template to a realm's main page, copy/paste the following, filling in appropriate values for each:

|Realm Type=