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The Ashen Verdict

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The Ashen Verdict
Leaders Highlord Tirion Fordring Highlord Darion Mograine

Race(s) Various races
Capital Darnassus
Theater of operations Light's Hammer, Icecrown Citadel
Quartermaster Alchemist Finklestein
The Ashen Verdict is the small union of members of the Argent Crusade and The Knights of the Ebon Blade. Their base of operations is within Light's Hammer, the "lobby" of Icecrown Citadel itself. The primary reputation rewards are the some of the best rings available in the game. Likewise faction NPCs also sell Tier 10 armor sets, recipes for crafting endgame gear, and various equipment pieces, using Emblems of Frost and Primordial Saronites as currency.

Gaining Reputation

You gain The Ashen Verdict reputation by killing trash mobs inside Icecrown Citadel, killing bosses inside Icecrown Citadel and completing Icecrown Citadel quests(ie. Shadow's Edge questline). Since this is a 10x server, gaining Exalted should not take more than three trash mob runs.