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The Bastion of Twilight : Halfus Wyrmbreaker

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Halfus Wyrmbreaker is an ettin employed by the Twilight Hammer to, well, subjugate captured dragons in order to facilitate the process of draining their essence. He is also the first boss in The Bastion of Twilight.He is guarded by Proto-Behemoth,and he keep 5 dragons under captivity :Slate Dragon,Nether Scion,Storm Raider,Time Warden and Orphaned Emerald Whelp.


HP/Health Points

  • On 10N - 32.3M HP
  • On 10HC - 51.5M HP
  • On 25N - 115.9M HP
  • On 25HC - 184.6M HP

Raid Composition

  • On 10N - 2 tanks , 2 healers , 6 DPS
  • On 10H - 2 tanks , 2-3 healers , 5-6 DPS
  • On 25N - 2 tanks , 5-6 healers , 17-18 DPS
  • On 25H - 2 tanks , 5-6 healers , 17-18 DPS


  • On 10 player mode : 2 items + 70 Valor Points (Chest T11 Token on Heroic)
  • On 25 player mode : 4 items + 90 Valort Points(Chest T11 Token on Heroic)
    • The following items may drop on normal/heroic:

Abilities Normal/Heroic

Halfus Abilities

Proto-Behemoth Abilities

  • 10N: 20400 to 27600.
  • 10HC: 34000 to 46000.
  • 25N: 34000 to 46000.
  • 25HC: 51000 to 69000.

Dragon Abilities

Rather than abilities , these are de-buffs they each apply to Halfus or the Proto-Behemoth.


  • MT(main tank) will kite Halfus on the platform , creating a circle around the raid.The OT should start realizing the dragons from the right , one by one(even 2 if he can handle it). The order of the dragons should be:
  1. Time Warden,this will allow the raid to avoid the fireballs from Proto-Behemoth.
  2. Orphaned Emerald Whelp - this will lower the damage from Scorching Breath for 6000.
  3. Slate Dragon - periodic 12 seconds stun on Halfus from Stone Touch.
  4. Storm Rider - this will increase the casting time of Shadow Nova ,thus allowing the raid to interrupt it-Cyclone Winds de-buff.
  5. Nether Scion - reduces the damage received by MT because of the Nether Blindness de-buff.

Like on retail there are only 3 dragons active on Normal out of 5.On Heroic they're all active.After each dragon dies they will apply Dragon's Vengeance on Halfus. DPS should focus on the dragons until 3 of them are dead on normal or 4-5 on heroic.From this point forward the DPS will focus Halfus and the MT will keep him in one place.When he reaches 50% HP he will start casting Furious Roar until he dies.If you're on heroic Proto-Behemoth will use Fireball Barrage and Scorching Breath until Halfus is dead.