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The Nexus

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The Nexus had been the most important guild of Redemption between January 2011 and March 2012 with practically every Realm First and is currently disbanded due to its Guild Master's ban.



The Old Burning Days

The Nexus was originally founded by Toku in 2009 on an unofficial server running The Burning Crusade expansion.
There, the guild downed all possible endgame bosses, farmed DKP to the thousands, raided to no end, got full Tier 6, multiple Warglaives of Azzinoth and Thori'dals.
After several months, that server and the majority of the guilds therein lapsed into inactivity.
Upon deciding to leave, members went separate ways.
Some to other unofficial servers, some to retail, others just retired from the game for a short while.


The Nexus was formed again on Redemption in January 2011 by Toku with the help of Marphalanx, Smp, Atharas and Sebstian.
Just a day after its new foundation, the guild was able to clear Icecrown Citadel 10 and a few days lates, even the 25 men version.
From then on it would go to great lengths to provide the best raids and organizational structure and discipline which its avid players have yearned for.
As time passed and due to personal issues that led to constant inactivity of the former Guild Master in-name Toku, the guild was remade anew under the leadership of Marphalanx.

Power to The Nexus

For a long while, Sindragosa had been bugged, preventing people to access to the Frozen Throne and defeat the Lich King.
After it was fixed, The Nexus was the first guild to down her, subsequently slaying the Lich King himself (still, sadly, unscripted) for a proper Realm First.
In June, upon a short opening of Icecrown Citadel 25 Heroic (the penultimate raid the server has to offer), The Nexus was the only guild able to fully clear it, with the help of Orange Orange.
Since then, most guild raids result in a full clear, sometimes twice within the same lockout period.
Alongside this, there were partnerships and merges with helpful, active and skilled guilds such as Orange Orange, Eiusdem Generis, Vendetta Cosmica and Warsong Offensive.

Death to the King

Finally, the Lich King was properly scripted, alongside with Icecrown Citadel 25 Heroic, that was opened to raiders.
Once again, The Nexus was the first, and for a long while, only guild able to defeat these new challanges without bug-abusing.
Since then, the guild kept raiding every week, granting access to new players and teaching them how to play properly.

The End

In March 2012, after going through various troubles, the guild was stabilizing again.
However, it was not meant to last any longer.
Marphalanx, the Guild Master, was banned first on the forum and then in game for a joke he posted (and probably other political reasons), throwing the guild into complete disarray.
After a vain attempt to move the guild on a Cataclysm unofficial server, The Nexus was formally disbanded, even if there are still guilds that claim to be its heirs.



The Aracnid Quarter

The Construct Quarter

The Plague Quarter

The Military Quarter

Sapphiron's Lair

Kel'Thuzad's Chamber

Eye of Eternity

Vault of Archavon

Obsidian Sanctum


The Siege of Ulduar

The Antechamber

The Hall of Memories

The Prison of Yogg-Saron

The Celestial Planetarium

Onyxia's Lair

Trial of the Crusader

Icecrown Citadel

The Lower Citadel

The Plagueworks

The Crimson Halls

The Frostwing Halls

The Frozen Throne

  • The Lich King: 10 (Realm First) / 10H (Closed) / 25 (Realm First) / 25H (Closed)

Ruby Sanctum


Before the changes that led it to ruin, the guild was organized as follows.


The guild leader
Unlimited alts allowed
Those who are most integral to the formation and continuous progress and success of the guild
Unlimited alts allowed
General officers who should always be looked upon to start a raid, or any activity which many would like
Unlimited alts allowed
In charge of keeping the Guild Vault tidy
5 alts allowed
Class leaders or people who can very well give advices and tips about their class or build
4 alts allowed


Members who've risen past that basic rank and have proven, time and again, that they have maximized their class, or at the very least mastered the fights
3 alts allowed
Normal members who passed the testing phase
2 alts allowed
New members under test. After a certain amount of time, their performances will tell if they will be kicked or promoted to Members
No alts allowed


The guild rules, as formulated by the Guild Master, Marphalanx:

  1. Listen to raid leaders and officers. If you have to criticize or disobey, make sure it's helpful and constructive.
  2. Don't spam, it's bad.
  3. Don't spy, only nerds and undersexed people do that.
  4. Be not a ninja, "no need for greed or hunger, a brotherhood of men".
  5. Thou shall not abuseth thy buggeths, this also transcends to all other characters you may have.
  6. Act properly and decent when needed, there's a time for play, and a time to be serious.
  7. Respect people, but mom jokes are still tolerated.
  8. "OMG! Clear the friggin' chat during loot!!!"
  9. Share, if you won an item, don't beg for more if others need.
  10. Be active, be good, be helpful to get promoted.



  • Mains Rush: raids comprised of main/good-geared characters, very strict, the aim of which is to fully clear the instance.
  • Timed Run: the mains rush aiming to clear at the fastest time possible.
Current record for Icecrown Citadel 25 Heroic: 1.20.
  • Alts Raid: raids less imposing and less strict, more room for error is given, more fun and joking around.
  • Initiates Testing: lower ranked/newly invited players are encouraged to join so they are carried to get better gear and helped to learn the harder bosses.

To promote fun and cooperation and to alleviate any sort of boredom, events are organized for the guild:

  • Boss Rush: two or more teams create a raid group and atempt to kill all bosses in a raid faster than the other team.
  • Trivia: the organizer asks questions of certain themes, usually lore, class-based, or guild history.
  • Newbie Graphic Skills = a theme is given by the organizer, and the best artist wins the prize.
  • Hide and Seek = the organizer creates multiple low-level alts; these alts scatter all over the world map for guild members to find and bring certain items to add to the bank.
  • Duels: 1 vs. 1 or team vs. team; the winners get prizes.
  • Bug Finding: members are encouraged to join the Public Test Realm when it's open to find bugs to report; also those they spot in Redemption itself.
  • Achievement/Mount Run: lower leveled dungeons and raids are done for members eager to gain more achievement points and mounts.
  • Mammoth Mountain: creating the tallest pile of mammoths upon mammoths.
  • General PvP = some players in the Nexus have gone to try out PvP to add to their enjoyment, ranging from arena teams, battlegrounds and world pvp.
  • Raidcall = the guild exclusively uses Raidcall to facilitate in-game voice communication, and, in most cases, just have fun talking to one another and listening to "so bad it's good" types of music.

Hall Of Fame

This section is reserved to honor the players that have excelled in their classes.