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Valence's 3.3.5a PvE Destruction Warlock Guide

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Addons I used in this video are OmenThreatMeter - http://static.wowace.com/content/files/404/746/Omen-v3.0.9.zip Recount - http://static.wowace.com/content/files/456/867/Recount-r1127.zip DBM - http://static.curseforge.net/content/files/447/605/DBM-4.52-r4442-Core-and-Wo... Bartender - http://static.wowace.com/content/files/439/962/Bartender4-4.4.2-12-g94f3b58.zip IceHud - http://static.wowace.com/content/files/450/136/IceHUD-r555.zip

Additional Information:

Major Glyphs: Glyph of Conflagrate Glyph of Immolate Glyph of Incinerate [OR] Glyph of Life Tap

Gems: Meta-Chaotic Skyflare Diamond Red- +23Spell Power Yellow- +20haste Blue- +12spell power and +10spirit +10haste and +10spirit

Rotation[Quick Run Down] 1. Curse of Elements 2. Immolate 3. Chaos Bolt 4. Conflagrate 5. Incinerate Spam(Until Immolate debuff gets to 2seconds, then repeat steps 2-5)

Warlock Gear Preferring: Stack Haste/Spell Power Gear(Spirit) Make sure your hit rating is at 430(17Percent) Trinkets - Try and get trinkets that increase Haste/Spell Power Profession Suggestions: Any Variation of these 3 work. -Tailoring -Enchanting -Jewel-crafting