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Warrior Arms Spec

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Arms Warriors (patch 3.3.5)

Warriors are a balanced class. The Arms Spec can fill in the role of a high Damage Per Second (DPS) character, a sub-tank, and a sub-defender.
This page will explain the preferred talent variations used in the Arms Spec, a rotation VS. specific kinds of classes, Recommended macros, and recommended gear.

What is an Arms Warrior?

An arms warrior is the wielder of a 2-handed weapon, and when he's defensive, a 1-handed weapon and shield. His weapons of choice are axes, pole-axes, maces, and swords. He operates in three different stances, each of which can use specific skills. Check the tool-tips for each stance and skill for more details.

Talent Variations


This is McBabe's Arms Spec. I'm a Tauren, so I chose to use the "Mace Specialization" (I also love armor pen, compared to Crit CHANCE and sword proc CHANCE). If you're an Orc, use "Poleaxe Specialization" to optimize your Crit racial.
  • You can take the two points i put into "Unbridled Wrath" and put them into "Booming Voice" or "Improved Demoralizing Shout"


This is McBabe's Prot Spec. I made this for fun. If you have questions/concerns, please email me.

The Rotation

Before I explain what move to use against which class, I'll give some general info about Arms Warriors:

a.) We Like Stuns & Crits: When we're stunned, we regenerate health according to "Second Wind". When we're Crit, we regenerate health according to "Blood Craze".

b.) Never Fear!: Because "Berserker Rage" has a 30 second CD, warriors cannot be feared (often).

c.) Macros Galore: In order for warriors to quickly shift between stances in order to use specific moves at specific times, Macros are necessary. Warriors require more macros than any other class in WoW. I'll reveal some known macros, and some of my own that you can tweak to your liking.

#showtooltip Skill Name = type this to bring up the tool-tip for your skill of choice when you mouse-over it on the action bar.

1. Charging Hamstring: To save key-binds and action bar space, put these two skills together. Charge is usable when the enemy is in range, and hamstring is usable when the enemy is in range.

/cast Charge
/cast Hamstring

2. Intercepting Hamstring: See "Charging Hamstring"

/cast Intercept
/cast Hamstring

3. Battling Overpower: Puts you in Battle Stance, so you can Overpower quickly.

/cast Battle Stance
/cast Overpower

4. Battling Rend: Puts you in Battle Stance, so you can Rend quickly.

/cast Battle Stance
/cast Rend

5. Battling Retaliation: Puts you in Battle Stance, so you can use Retaliation quickly.

/cast Battle Stance
/cast Retaliation

6. Battling Shatter: Puts you in Battle Stance, so you can use Shattering Throw quickly.

/cast Battle Stance
/cast Shattering Throw

7. Silence!: My favorite macro. It switches you to Berserker Stance if you've got a 2H equipped, and it will Pummel. If you've got a 1H and Shield equipped, you'll Shield Bash. These moves share the same Global Cooldown (GCD), so this macro wins.

/cast [stance:1/2,noequipped:Shields] Berserker Stance; [stance:1/2,equipped:Shields] Shield Bash; [stance:3] Pummel

8. Disarm Cancel: Not only will it put you into Defensive Stance, but it will also cancel Bladestorm if you're using it.

/cast Defensive Stance
/cast Disarm
/cancelaura Bladestorm

9. Defensive Switch: Switches you to Defensive Stance AND your 1H and Shield in a 1-button wonder.

/cast Defensive Stance
/equipslot 16 Your 1-Handed Weapon Name
/equipslot 17 Your Shield Name

10. 1H & Shield - 2H Swap: Switches back and forth between your 2H, 1H, and Shield.

/equip [equipped:shield,one-hand] Your 2-Handed Weapon Name
/equip [equipped:two-hand] Your 1-Handed Weapon Name
/equip [equipped:two-hand] Your Shield Name

11. Revenge Block: Combines Revenge & Shield Block, since Revenge relies on you to block.

/cast Defensive Stance
/cast Shield Block
/cast Revenge

12. Spell Reflect: 1-button wonder

/equipslot 16 Relentless Gladiator's Truncheon
/equipslot 17 Relentless Gladiator's Shield Wall
/cast Spell Reflection

13. Shield Slam: 1-button wonder

/equipslot 16 Relentless Gladiator's Truncheon
/equipslot 17 Relentless Gladiator's Shield Wall
/cast Shield Slam

14. Sweeping Stomp (Taurens Only)

/cast Sweeping Strikes
/cast War Stomp

15. Execute: Used only in defensive stance, so you can use Execute quickly.

/cast Battle stance
/cast Execute

d.) "Those who use their CDs last emerge the victor", and "Those who use their CDs at crucial oportunities emerge the wiser".

"Vs Warriors"

Fearing a warrior will only temporarily stop him, since he has "Berserker Rage". Stay behind your enemy as much as possible, since "Retaliation" can throw your attacks back at you.

1. Arms: Don't charge your enemy. Hamstring, Rend, Mortal Strike, Overpower (when ready), Mocking Blow (to dump extra rage), Thunderclap (defensive, to dump extra rage), Execute (when ready, to dump extra rage), repeat. If your enemy is near 50% or less, switch to your shield and 1-handed weapon. Use Shield Block (and Shield wall, if you're low and your enemy's Overpowering through the block). Keep using Mortal Strike and Rend, but spam Revenge once you block an attack. Thunderclap as a bonus, and Heroic Strike ONLY if you've got tons of extra rage. When your Shield Block/Shield Wall ends, revert back to your 2h weapon and dish out as much damage as possible. Disarm your opponent if he starts to Bladestorm, and if he disarms you early, you can Bladestorm without any worries. However, if your opponent uses Shield Block while you Bladestorm, Immediately cancel Bladestorm and Overpower through his defenses. Use Retaliation if your opponent uses it, or if he's using Shield Block. Keep your opponent constantly slowed, and if he Shield Blocks, use Piercing Howl instead of Hamstring.

2. Fury: You've got several advantages over this spec, but Fury can hit you HARD. You can charge Fury warriors. Follow the same rotation against arms warriors. When the enemy uses Recklessness, use Shield Block.

3. Protection: Difficult to fight, yet do-able. His stuns will benefit you, but his DPS is high enough. Hit through his shield and Shield Block with Overpower, which is your best friend during this fight. Hit him hard enough to go through his Enraged Regeneration and Last Stand. Use defensive stance wisely, since his is better and optimally usable more often than yours. Disarm often; this will be a longer battle. Slow him with Piercing Howl ONLY, since hamstring will be parried/blocked often. Retaliate against Revenge.

"Vs Paladins"

1. Holy: This is an almost impossible battle to win (in a duel), since Sacred Shield will prevent you from accumulating enough rage to DPS. However, we have advantages: Mortal Strike is our friend. Do not use Hamstring if the paladin uses Hand of Freedom. Pummel his heals when he's at 70% health or lower, but watch out: skilled paladins will "fake cast", so don't be fooled the first time. If their cast bar is over 60% full, Pummel.

2. Protection: The paladin will prioritize on stunning, hitting, slowing, running from you, while slightly healing itself. Hit it hard with Overpower, using a similar rotation to fighting a Protection Warrior. The longer this battle lasts, the worse off you’ll be.

3. Retribution: This will be one of your quickest battles. The paladin will hit you hard, and will hit you fast, so use Retaliation while hitting him back. Use Enraged Regeneration at 60% health, since he’ll burst you quickly. After using a full rotation, you can switch to Defensive Stance in order to dish out high damage with Revenge. If/When the paladin bubbles, Shattering Throw him, and begin with a new rotation to finish the job.

"Vs Rogues"

We’ve got a lot of advantages over rogues: We benefit when they dodge our attacks, since that allows Overpower to proc more often. Save your trinket for their Blind, and thank them for every stun they give you. Using Shield Block is useful, but against rogues that have large amounts of dodge, it will only serve as a defensive emergency, so switch back to a 2H and Rend/Overpower them ASAP. Retaliation can be very useful, as well as a spell reflect or two. Overpower for the win!

"Vs Deathknights"

We’ve got severe disadvantages over DK’s (when dueling), so don’t expect an easy win. Stay close to them at all times in order to prevent them from elongating the duel; when they do this, they allow their healing CDs to refresh. Fight this battle similarly to fighting a Warrior, except use Spell Reflect more often (their diseases are regarded as their main DPS, not their melee attacks). Defensive Stance is your friend in this battle. Kill them as quickly as possible in order to secure a victory.

"Vs Hunters"

1. Beast Mastery: With their talents and normal skills, Beast Masters cannot be slowed often. Thus, keep close, and use your Charge/Intercept after they disengage. Overpower through Deterrence. When they feign death, click them immediately in order to use their move to your advantage. Keeping Rend on them will be beneficial. Use Bladestorm if they’ve used their defensive moves, and/or you need to remove a slow effect. This will not only allow you to move up to them, but it will also hurt/kill their pet in the process. Disarming a hunter is beneficial. Trinket yourself from their second major trap, NOT their first. Shield Block works against all their attacks, so use it when you’re far and your Charge/Intercept CDs are refreshing.

2. Marksman: Fight them similar to fighting a Beast Master, but understand that they won’t have any talents to help with movement impairs; thus, slow them often. They will hit harder than a Beast Master, especially with Readiness, so time your charges accordingly. If they use Deterrence/Disengage twice, sequentially, then they’ve used Readiness, and are now vulnerable to your attacks. Rend is your friend, as is Overpower. Heroic Throw right when they’re too far to Charge/Melee DPS.

3. Survival: A very hard hitting spec, yet maneuverability is more limited. Be prepared to experience traps, traps, and more traps. Fight them similarly to a Marksman Hunter, but finish this fight as soon as possible. Use your defensive skills earlier in order to negate his initial burst, and follow through by slowing him, Rending him, and Overpowering him to death.

"Vs Druids"

1. Moonkins: Hit the moonkin as hard as possible early on, while watching out for his Cyclone and other casting moves. Pummel these moves while using the normal rotation. Trinket out of the first cyclone in order to prevent the druid from running and healing.

2. Ferals: This battle is quick, and very difficult. Ferals will hit you hard until they get their combo points, use Predatory Strikes to either cyclone you and heal, or just heal, and then repeat this scenario. All the while, they’ll be increasing their DPS with Rip and Savage Roar. Hit them with rend, and slow them with Piercing Howl. Use Overpower often, making sure to keep Mortal Strike on them as often as possible. Defensive Stance is your friend, but they’ll more than likely run around you while you’re defensive, wasting Shield Block’s CD. If they try to root you in place, use Bladestorm to rush back in and hit them hard. If they go bear and use Regeneration, try to use that time to put your own Enraged Regeneration on; hitting them while they're regaining health will only give them more health.

3. Trees: One of the most challenging specs for a warrior to fight, Trees combine the fluidity of Moonkins with spectacular HoTs (Heals over Time). Use hamstring to slow them, but expect them to shape-shift out of it. Keep Mortal Strike on them at ALL times, while staying as close to their be-hindbacks as possible. Beating them in a duel is nearly impossible, but killing them in a 2v2 match is probable, with the help of a friend.

"Vs Shamans"

1. Elemental: Stay close to these shammies, as they’ll Earthbind you constantly. Use Piercing Howl to slow them if they’re too far for a Hamstring. Use the normal DPS rotation to kill them, but use Spell Reflect when they try casting Lava Burst, or any other hard-hitting spell. They may “fake cast”, so use Spell Reflect when their casting bar is at 70%. Charge and Intercept them after they use Thunderstorm (save 1 or the other for this situation; you can use either beforehand if you must).

2. Enhance: This will be a shortish battle; the shammy will go full-throttle and DPS you heavily the entire battle. Hit him as hard as possible, maximizing on the use of Retaliation early on. Disarming them is slightly effective, as well as interrupting any random spell casting they attempt. Going Defensive will ensure your victory, but don’t let them run and heal, since they can regenerate mana exceptionally well.

3. Resto: “Resto is Besto” for a reason: They can hit you hard, while healing epicly. Keep the pressure on the shammy by fighting it as you would an elemental shammy. The longer this battle lasts, the worse off you are.

"Vs Priests"

1. Discipline: They’ll dispel most of your buffs, while hitting you a bit hard with casting and instant moves. Thus, you’ve got a small window to kick their ass. Pressure them by staying close, immediately removing their fear, and keeping Mortal Strike on them.

2. Holy: Fight them similarly to a Discipline Priests, but expect their heals to be slightly better, and their Survivability to be slightly lower.

3. Shadow: One of our hardest fights, shadows will use DoTs (Damage over Time moves) to tick away at your life initially. Right after this, they’ll Disarm you. At this point, you’re down to nearly half your health, so Charge, Rend, Mortal Strike, and Overpower them. They’ll more than likely Disperse at this point, or if you Bladestorm. Only Bladestorm IF they already dispersed. Using early Spell Reflects can turn the tide of this battle, but don’t expect an easy win.

"Vs Warlocks"

1. Affliction: Relying on DoTs and casting DoTs, Affliction locks will try to prolong the battle until their DoTs have taken you down. Hit them hard while Pummeling any casting moves they attempt, in order to prevent your health from dwindling too fast. Charge them after they use their portal (save either Charge or Intercept for this). Make this a short and sweet battle.

2. Demonology: A rather scary spec to fight, Demon Form can turn a warlock into a casting tank. Nevertheless, hit the warlock hard, and know that their DPS isn’t as scary as a Destruction/Affliction Warlock. Fight them similarly to a melee Affliction Warlock.

3. Destruction: Don’t trinket out of Deathcoil. Pummel their casting moves. Charge them after they portal. Stay close to them, using Bladestorm after they portal.

"Vs Mages"

Regardless of the mage spec you’re fighting, similar rules apply. Be warned: Warriors aren’t supposed to beat similarly skilled mages in duels. Charge them after they blink, and Rend them when you’re close. If they freeze you, trinket out ONLY if they start casting a damaging attack (Frost Bolt, etc.). Spell reflect their casting attacks if they're cast bar is a 50-75%. They may sheep you early if you’re damaging them heavily and you’re close to full health, in order to Evocate. If you’ve saved your trinket, trink the sheep, since interrupting Evocation is a good idea. Keep using Rend, while using any other damaging attacks when possible. Bladestorm if you’ve been frozen in place, and only if they’ve used Ice Block.


  • Plate Armor
  • Enchants: Get Tuskar's Vitality for your boots, and enchant everything else with Attack Power. Enchant your 2H and 1H weapon with Executioner, and your Shield with Resilience. Choose the 21 Crit Rating and 3% Crit Damage Meta Gem ONLY IF you're an Orc. Otherwise, choose the 42 Attack Power and Minor Run-Speed increase Meta Gem. Reducing stun durations is also useful, but optional.
  • Strength: Stack your gems with this. Increasing this will increase your overall damage.
  • Armor Penetration: Some of your armor and trinkets can have Armor Penetration, but don't maximize on this stat: it only helps VS. heavily armored enemies, and is almost useless VS. Cloth and Leather users.
  • Crit Chance: If you're Crit Chance is at 30%+, you're in the clear. Orcs will be able to do this better, and they can go to 40%+ if they use Crit Gems. Crit Chance is a "chance", and thus, it isn't as valuable as Strength or Armor Pen.
  • Hit Rating: Cap your hit rating at 5%, or 165.
  • Resilience: Have at least 1000 Resilience, but the more, the merrier. Don’t disregard this life-saving stat.

  • Glyphs:

Major: Mortal Strike, Overpower, Bladestorm/Enraged Regeneration.

Minor: Charge, Mocking Blow, Bloodrage.

Thanks for your time! If you have any questions, you can email me at [email protected]