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Zomgblind's Rogue Basic PvP Guide and Tricks

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While browsing the forums I realized that this server never had a more detailed rogue guide to help the beginners, and even if guides are easy to find on the nets, a server should always offer something easier to find for their players.So, here it is, a guide made by me, Zomgblind, a veteran rogue that started this awesome class at the very beginning of WoW. This is entirely made by me with some help from the links with the builds since it was easier. Besides gearing and talents, it includes an explanation of all of the rogue tricks commonly used. I plan to update this with stats on duels and 2s.


1standard Envenom Assassination http://wow-spirits.com/2012/02/assassin ... build.html This spec offers nice burst and damage against all of the armor types, but lacks mobility and general control. This is the spec to start with if you are a beginner. The points from duel wield specialization can also go into Deadliness if you prefer more envenom damage. You can use 1 slow dagger with wound and a fast one (1.40) with deadly on off hand (adding doses with shiv), but i recommend 2 slow daggers (1.80) with deadly on main hand and wound on off hand. Major glyphs: Mutilate,Vigor,preparation Minor glyphs: distract,blurred speed,vanish

2. Standard Shadow Dance Subtlety: http://wow335.gamestool.net/roguet.php? ... 0135231251 This spec offers nice mobility and control,very fast switches and it is a good combo point generator, but lacks burst against plate armor classes and its main damage relies on a cool-down (Shadow Dance). You will use a slow dagger on main hand with wound on it and a fast dagger (1.40) or a fast axe,sword or mace (1.50) on off hand with crippling poison. Major glyphs: Shadow Dance, gouge,preparation( I recommend gouge glyph for arena, but you can use vigor for wpvp/bgs) Minor glyphs: distract, blurred speed,vanish

3.Old school Eviscerate Assassination: http://wow335.gamestool.net/roguet.php? ... 0000000000 My innovation of the eviscerate mutilation old school spec if you prefer assassination without envenom. This spec has potential for fair burst against plate wearers due the natural damage coming from Instant poison on main hand and wound on off hand, both slow daggers. Not for arena. The glyphs-> point 1

Recommended races Ally:-NE,human-Their racial buffs may replace 1 point from Master of Deception or Heightened Senses in the talents, point which may go somewhere else for extra damage, besides the double trinket face roll and the shadow-meld fail. Horde:BE,Orc.


I can't tell you exactly what to gear, but give you some advice: -Gem for attack power, regardless of spec. -Arp offsets/trinkets (DBW) for subtlety -Resilience between 960-1020 -5%-6% hit rating


You wont really need many macros for the start. 1.Sap macro

  1. showtooltip sap

/cleartarget /targetenemy (replace with /targetenemyplayer,if you want it to sap only players and not random mobs) /cast sap 2.Tricks of the Trade: Replace "x" with the name of your partner: /cast [target=x] tricks of the trade 3.Focus Sap/Blind/Kick/Disarm/Gouge/Shadowstep: replace "x" with the name of the ability you want to use on your focused target: /cast [target=focus] x

All of these are needed in arena.


Rogue is a class full of tricks,which is why I consider it sightly harder to play than most of the classes,in WOTLK. 1.Gouge re stealth: The 3 points into Improved Gouge will make the ability last 5,5 seconds,and the required inactivity time to get out of combat is 5 seconds.So, you can gouge the target then spam stealth and open again with a cheap shot/garrote,or half-time sap the target, or simply get away stealthed. Not possible with high latency.

2.Vanish immunity: If you want to avoid a big damage from an incoming projectile-type spell (Chaos bolt, pyroblast, any sort of hunter shot ,warlock's death coil etc.), as soon as the animation of the spell is in the air, pop vanish. The damage and any spell effect will be negated, without breaking vanish. This also works with stuns or any movement impairing effect (Blinds, fears) ,where you have to predict when the enemy will stun you and pop vanish in the same time he uses stun on you,but this is not possible on Eternal-wow.

3.Pre-kick: Usually,a caster moves and stops only to cast a non-instant spell. Having that in mind, while damaging a caster and he stops moving,use kick on him right away. His cast should be interrupted around 0,2-0,6 casting time. Be careful if you face skilled casters, they may move and stop randomly with no spell casted, they can also cast a different school of magic spell,making you go "ARGHRARGHAGHRA".

4.Prep-kick: Glyph of Preparation will make preparation to also reset kick. So, if you try to kick a caster,and they fakecasted, quickly use preparation and kick him again, taking him by surprise. Use this only if you already used your first set of sprint, evasion and vanish.

5.Reflex Kick:Similar to 3, but this time it is a reaction test. Train your reaction and try to use kick very early on a spell casting time. If you repeat this you will be able to kick a spell really fast, leaving the caster no time to fakecast it.

6.Distract in PvP: Distract can be effective and funny in PvP. With it you can make a mage blink backwards or make someone fall off a cliff. In arena,you can use it on Blade's edge map to stop a rushing team,by using distract on a side of them,making them fall off the bridge.

7.Cheap shot/Expose armor/Garrote on Sapped target: If you want a stronger damage on your cheapshot/kidney shot rotation,sap the target, get right behind it then turn 90 degrees on a side and use cheap shot or expose armor then re stealth, or garrote and rupture then vanish and quickly reopen.This was mostly used in TBC, where rogue's damage was low and had to be maximized somehow, in pvp.

Addons Besides Gladius, I recommend snowfallkeypress and some addon to track dimishing returns (DR) time, forgot the name.