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  • Version: 4.3.4
  • Realm Type: PvePvP
  • Rate: 7x

Other Info

  • Teleporter: No
  • Mall: No
  • Instant Flight: No
  • Starter Gear: No
  • GM Commands: .account .commands .dismount .help .save .server motd .start

Other Rates

  • Skill.Discovery: 1x
  • Drop.Item.Poor: 7x
  • Drop.Item.Normal: 6x
  • Drop.Item.Uncommon: 5x
  • Drop.Item.Rare: 3x
  • Drop.Item.Epic: 2x
  • Drop.Item.Legendary: 1x
  • Drop.Item.ReferencedAmount: 1x
  • Drop.Money: 8x
  • XP.Kill: 15x
  • XP.Quest: 15x
  • XP.Explore: 15x
  • RepairCost: 1x
  • Honor: 2x
  • Reputation.Gain: 10x
  • Reputation.LowLevel.Kill: 1x
  • Reputation.LowLevel.Quest: 1x
  • InstanceResetTime: 1x
  • SkillGain.Crafting: 2x
  • SkillGain.Defense: 2x
  • SkillGain.Gathering: 2x
  • SkillGain.Weapon: 2x
  • SkillChance.Orange: 1x
  • SkillChance.Yellow: 1x
  • SkillChance.Green: 1x
  • SkillChance.Grey: 1x

Other Settings

  • DurabilityLoss.InPvP: No
  • DurabilityLoss.OnDeath: Yes
  • Death.SicknessLevel: 1
  • Death.CorpseReclaimDelay.PvP: No
  • Death.CorpseReclaimDelay.PvE: No
  • Battleground.Deserter: Yes
What do these values mean?

Apocalypse, previously Cataclysm WoW, is the newest edition to the Eternal-WoW Server realms. This is a PvPvE Enabled 7x rates server. We merged with Cataclysm WoW. Although the realm is new, we see it as a challenge to improve your experience of Cataclysm. Our developer team is very experienced and will bring the best content to our servers. Apocalypse has little custom content, and is almost blizzlike, except for the 7x rates. If you enjoy a blizzlike server, but hate the slow leveling, try out this server. Perhaps you can even help to improve it.


Introduction to Apocalypse

Apocalypse players will experience leveling at their own pace, in the open world of WoW. The rates are 15x, which is the only difference than blizzlike. You will level just as if on a blizzlike server.

Change logs (Updates)

You can find the change logs for Apocalypse in the Eternal-WoW Cataclysm change logs, here.


The Apocalypse has an excellent community. All of the players are very nice and enjoy playing with each other. They will help almost anybody in an instant. The players have great skill, giving a challenge to all other PvP participants.

Apocalypse Forums

Apocalypse has its own section on the forums, which can be found here. If you have any questions, or wanna talk to the community, create a topic there and you will get amazing help!

Connection Guide

Apocalypse is currently a 4.3.4 Cataclysm realm. To find out how to connect, you can use the Eternal-WoW 4.3.4 Connection Guide.


Apocalypse has a diverse group of both Horde and Alliance groups. The Alliance Guild page is here, and the Horde Guild Page is here.