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BeardedClamBandits Remorse

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Bearded Clam Bandits (Formerly known as RosaParksVsSlaveMaster) is a pure -Alliance- PVP guild on Remorse.

Currently recruiting players who are SR3+ and have a good understanding of their class and how to use it properly. A duel is required upon entry for a basis of your skill level. You must be able to beat Ambushdd in nexus or take him to or below half health in SR3. You must be able to speak english fluently and also you must not act like a little fucking kid. If you are not SR3 we may still give you a shot at joining the guild because gear doesn't necessarily dictate skill level. It's a fairly new guild so we are looking for as many skilled players as possible.

If you're interested PM one of the following, IN-GAME

Ambushdd Serox Gbteam Gbteamsteez

All are my characters and I will give you test duel and we'll go from there.