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The suggestions board is used for two purposes:

  • Suggestions for contacting Admins about an idea that you may have to improve the wiki that requires assistance from a Wiki Admin. (Ex: New Category to go on the Main Page of the Wiki)
  • Requests for contacting Admins about any type of editing or corrections that need to be made by an Admin. (Ex: Requesting protection for a popular page, main page errors, protected page errors..etc)

Simply post a comment below to add a suggestion or request.

Hi im kinda new to the server but i did play on a diffrent server before it died out and well thats where my suggestion starts. Ok well here it is what if the loot from the battleshp fight in Icc were put in the frostGiant and the Frost were to made like a boss fight and drop frost emblems as well like a boss ? well that the way the last server i was on did it and i find it a pretty cool idea