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VIP Membership

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For any Donor or VIP issues, please look here first.


Donor Membership

To begin the donor process you first need to log into the Eternal-WoW website. Once logged in, click on the Purchase VIP link. A $1 donation is all it takes to become a donor, but for "full" VIP you will need to spend at least $20. This will give you access to a VIP only area via the VIP Trinket!

VIP Membership

As a VIP member you not only get the best gear, but you also get access to a special area in the game that is exclusive to VIP members. This area includes special buffs and NPCs who sell some of the stuff harder to find within the game.

The VIP Trinket

To get the VIP Trinket go to your account page and in the drop down box next to your character select Send VIP Trinket from the Action drop down box. You will receive the Trinket via in-game mail. NOTE: It can take up to 24 hours after your donation for the Send VIP Trinket option to appear on the account page

Payment Methods


Our first choice of donating. Skrill provides a safe alternative to Paypal.


Our second payment option. This option provides various different options for donating.

GM Assisted Donation Orders

  • Item Transfers: Are done from character to character on the SAME REALM. We DO NOT transfer across accounts. They have the ability to change the item into another item while transferring. The item must be equal or lesser in value to the item they are transferring and for the same slot. Examples: Weapon (3000 vip) for Another Weapon (3000 vip); 1 item for 1 other item. You cannot transfer 2 items for 1 item or 1 item for 2 items. NOTE: We do not transfer "spell" type items such as mounts,titles, pets...etc Note 2: Gems and enchants will not be transferred. We are deleting the items and re-adding them.
  • Level to 80/85/255 (the maximum allowed on a particular realm)
  • Name,faction,race changes
  • Any title (view available titles here)
  • Additional Tradeskill(Level Yourself)
  • Additional Tradeskill(Maxed out)

Frequently Asked Questions

For any Donor or VIP issues, please look here first.

Q: I want to donate for an item that is not available in the item store for my realm. What should I do?

A: Go to the Custom VIP Requests from here you can post a new topic following this guide.

Q: I donated and I didn't get my VIP points.

A: It can take up to 2 hours to get your points. Most times this is immediate. Go to the VIP Issues section of our forums. Post a new topic in this section following this guide.

Q: I have purchased a Faction change, Level up, or an item transfer from the website. It didn't come in my mailbox, what should I do?

A: These items require help from a Super GM rank or above. Someone will contact you shortly. You can put in a ticket requesting a Super GM for help, this may speed up the process.


New and exciting VIP features are in development! Information will be posted here when they are released.

More Information

If you need more assistance follow our guide here!