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WOTLK Install Instructions

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Steps to get and install the 3.3.5a client.

Before starting: Make sure to have at least 25GB of space free and at least 1GB of ram. (2GB is better)

Windows User

  • 1. Download the client from here.

  • 2. You'll have 3 different options to download the client. We recommend you to download MEGAsync for faster download, but you may download through the browser as well.


  • 4. We have custom patches for our realms. If you're;
    A. Going to play Remorse, download our patch here 
    B. Going to play Eternal, download Eternal patch here
    C. Going to play Redemption, download Redemption patch here

4a. Once you have the patch downloaded, insert it into your "DATA" folder in your wow client folder.


4b. Make sure that you replace the old Remorse patch in the client with the current one!

  • Alternatively, skip to step 6 after navigating to your realm list (Wow>Data>enUS>Realmlist.wtf), delete all of its contents and enter
set realmlist logon.eternal-wow.com

  • 5. The Launcher will ask for the location of where you downloaded the file to. Point it to where you saved the client to. (Usually your Documents or Downloads folder.)

  • 6. Run the game from Wow.exe or our launcher and log in using your Eternal-WoW username and password you've registered. Now Enjoy!

Mac Users

  • 1. Download client: Here
  • 2. Go to your Download folder (or where you downloaded the file). Open it and unzip it!

  • 3. You're almost done! Now you just need to edit your realmlist file. Goto your WoW folder, then open Data>enUS>realmlist.wtf . Open this file with textedit, delete everything you see, then copy and paste (or type) this line:

set realmlist logon.eternal-wow.com

  • 4. If you're going to play on Remorse, download our patch here

  • 5. Go to the folder where you saved our patch, go to your wow client map, and drop the patch in the *Data* folder.

  • 6. Run the game from World of Warcraft.app and log in using your Eternal-WoW username and password.

  • If you are still having issues connecting Please Check Here